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Out Of My Mind

... and into yours

Keith Curtis
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Keith Curtis is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer living in Port Angeles, Washington. He is married and has a wonderfully supportive wife, a beautiful daughter, and a big bounding boxer named Yoda.

He has been drawing for as long as he can remember. He has done silk screen, illustrated jewelry catalogs, prime labels, done logo design, and digital pre-press. He has an honest-to-goodness degree in Graphic Arts and Interior Design from CSU Fresno that says he is allowed to do this sort of work. By a strange fluke of arcane College hierarchies, he has a dual degree in Interior Design and graduated under the School of Agriculture.

Several years ago, He walked away from a steady paycheck to become a full-time father. Far from stifling his artistic creativity, it has given him the freedom to become a free-lance illustrator. He does numerous personal commissions and has a good working relationship with many RPG publishers.

Although he is skilled at illustration, his major strength is cartography.

He is too lazy to re-write his bio in the first person.