Keith Curtis (keithcurtis) wrote,
Keith Curtis

Political Headslap! with Keith Curtis!

Welcome to Political Headslap! with Keith Curtis!

Each week, we invite political candidates to come and discuss issues on our show! The difference? If any one of them uses any of the buzz words or nonsense phrases on our list, Keith slaps them upside the head.
Remember, they can discuss issues, even attack their opponents. But everything they say has to be supportable and make a minimal amount of sense.

Last week’s phrase was “The Will of the American People!”
Define the “American People”. How can you, Mr. Politician divine their collective will? If they disagree, which ones are not the Americans? You mean, “the Will of People Who Agree With Me!”

This week: “Special Interest Groups”
All groups are special interest groups. That’s kind of how you define a “group”. What you mean is “Groups Who Don’t Think Like Me.”

Viewers (that’s you) are invited to submit their own favorite idiot buzzwords and nonsense phrases to be used on future episodes of Political Headslap! with Keith Curtis. Feel free to use the HEADSLAP! and give your translation.

Originally published at Out Of My Mind. You can comment here or there.


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