Keith Curtis (keithcurtis) wrote,
Keith Curtis

Featured Art: Wicked Harvest Logo

Here’s a not-quite-new piece. I did this before Halloween, but by agreement, have refrained from posting it until the beginning of the year, since the client had a number of events planned for it. The client is Paradigm Concepts, the creators of Arcanis, and of course Witch Hunter, in which players take on the personae of 17th-century vanquishers of supernatural evil. This is for an annual event called Wicked Harvest, which as I understand it, is some sort of tournament event. This piece went through about half a dozen iterations on the pumpkin head, from a traditional jack-o-lantern face, to a flaming interior, to a more human-like expression, to the current green glow.

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Tags: art, rpg

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