October 4th, 2009

Avatar Me KAC

Featured Art: Epoch of Rysos (Photoshop Layers and Effects)

Here’s a commission I recently finished. This is the logo for a science fiction setting, Epoch of Rysos.
The client had specified a “clean future” sort of a look, not the lived-in and tarnished Star Wars or Alien style world. He also specified a squarish design rather than a rectangular one, for ease of use in future design products. I’m really happy with the way this came out.

This was designed in Illustrator to get the vector shapes. The individual layers were imported into Photoshop, where I worked layer effect magic to turn this:

into this:

There really isn’t much more to the Photoshop file than the black and white image you see in the first shot. Each design element is on a separate layer. Each layer has a series of effects that control things like beveling, shiny-ness, color and gradient, texture, drop shadows and so forth. Once the base design is achieved, the majority of time is spent in tweaking all of these individual layers and their effects to achieve just the look you want. This same design could have been made to look as if chiseled on stone or carved from polished gemstones without touching the base art, but only manipulating the layer effects.

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