May 13th, 2009

Avatar Me KAC

BarberPole Cat


BHS Lead Pin

The Barbershop Harmony Society  has a collection of 12 standards that are collectively called the BarberPole Cat tunes. In theory, if you are a BHS member from a Swedish chapter, you could visit a chapter in Japan and be able to sing any of these songs with the local members. I say in theory, because each member is encouraged to qualify on these tunes, but it is not required. So far I have only qualified on three. Usually we are so busy preparing for this show or that performance, that the Pole Cat tunes are usually a low priority.

Now that the annual show is done with, we are going to concentrate on these for about a month. It is my fervent hope that after this month, I will have qualified on the other nine and be entitled to proudly wear this pin.

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