May 3rd, 2009

Avatar Me KAC


 It's done!

When I was 20 years old or so, a friend came over to my house and asked me to go rock climbing with him. I had never done anything remotely like this, but it sounded like fun. We drove out to a quarry in Snelling, California, and after about 15 minutes of instruction and safety tips, we were on our way up. There were many times when I was hanging on to things by fingertips or even fingernails. The stress and excitement were extreme.

The euphoric feeling I achieved when I got to the top was all worth it though. Once atop the quarry, it was a gently stroll through a forest path to get back down to the foot.

Today is the stroll through the forest. The show is done and it was a rousing success. Yes there were a few problems, but by and large they were the sort that are not apparent to an audience—things like one person out of the whole chorus flubbing a lyric, or the whole chorus slowly dropping a full tone throughout the course of the song. And some mistakes were more apparent. But most of it was fantastic. I received enough compliments on the scripted part of the show  to keep me blushing for months. Bud and I really clicked as a comedic duo. Bud brought the audience to hysterics with Spike Jones' "Man on the Flying Trapeze" routine.

After the show, at the afterglow, the guest quartet gave us a bonus performance, which rocked. They are the Gold Medal champions for the Evergreen DIstrict (which includes Washington, Idaho, Alaska, British Columbia and more). They also ran a game called Polecat Tag. Polecat tunes are the 14 standards that are common to all chapters of the Barbershop Harmony Society. If he has qualified on them, a member from a Swiss chapter can sing with a Japanese chapter. In Polecat Tag, a quartet starts a polecat song. Then anyone can tag any member of the quartet in mid-song and take over that part. We were rotating parts like crazy; the more advanced members even tagging into alternate parts (A bass singing tenor, for instance). It was a blast.