February 16th, 2009

Avatar Me KAC


So I took skiing lessons this winter, as I have mentioned before. I have actually gotten to the point where I pretty much go where I intend to go, start and stop when I want and don't fall down.
So we plan this big ski trip. I'm very excited. I've never done this sort of thing before, and here I am, learning something new at age 45.
We get to the cabin, us and another family. We go out on the slopes. We go down the bunny run about three times, just to make sure all the beginners have some practice, and the long-time skiers get a warm up.
We go down the next hardest run. It's a green (beginner/easy), with one tiny little blue (intermediate) spot about a third of the way down. I'm zooming along having a great time. My daughter is zooming along too, falling occasionally, but likewise great-time-having.

We run into the little blue spot. OK. We can do this, just take it in stages and zig-zag, right?
So I'm on my way across and I zig. My left knee decides to zag. This is an injury I incurred twenty years ago, that flares up about every 3 to 5 years. It decides to renew acquaintances up on the slope, mid-run. Rather than tear my leg off at the knee, I go down in an uncontrolled fall. I tumble, skis go flying, knee goes 'pop'.

Now I am lying on the snow, skis and poles everywhere, and unable to stand. I'm not in pain, unless I try to put any weight on the knee. Inside of fifteen minutes, I have been checked out by the ski patrol, wrapped up in thermal blankets and am being towed down the mountain in a sled.

I couldn't walk without assistance, and working my way up to hobbling slowly and painfully. I can limp along very carefully today, but for the past two days, I've been stuck on the couch at the cabin while everyone skis themselves silly (my insistence). I'm not finished skiing forever, but the rest of this season is definitely shot.

I make a doctor appointment tomorrow.