Keith Curtis (keithcurtis) wrote,
Keith Curtis

Can I have nostalgia with that?

So a couple of things have come together to produce some moments of nostalgic fun.

First, I saw the new Star Trek movie. I’m not blind to the plot holes and other difficulties, but it was extremely fun. On the way out of the theater, Susan mentions she wouldn’t mind watching some of the original series again.

Second, we upgraded our cable and it came with a DVR and on-screen programming. Tooling about I see that TOS is playing at 1 in the morning. Normally, I would never know, but now it’s easy to just say, “record the series for me, please”.

So the upshot is, I’ve been watching the new enhanced versions of the original series. The space effects have been re-shot with modern technology. This adds just enough “gee whiz” factor to offset the problem that I pretty much have the original episodes memorized.

I’m leaving each viewing with a nice, little-kid-watching-Star-Trek-again-for-the-first-time buzz. Very satisfying.

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Tags: entertainment, television

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