Keith Curtis (keithcurtis) wrote,
Keith Curtis


Well, it's the morning of the annual show. I always get very nervous at times like these. Not stage fright, I've never had that. I'm just mentally assaulted with all of the things that can possibly go wrong.
We have marks and set lists on the stage floor, cues written here and there (just in case), and have gone through a tech rehearsal and a dress rehearsal in the last two days. Still, there are problems with the sound system, people are still forgetting cues and lines, and we continue to slowly drop pitch on a couple of songs. I don't know how many of these things an audience could pick up on, but to me they are glaring, shining harbingers of fail.

I love doing the annual show, but I think, even more than that, I love having just done the annual show even more.
Tags: barbershop, music, performance

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